July 27 2019:  Melek is available to the right home!

Registered purebred Kangal female,  OFA Good hips, 3.5 years old, very sweet and affectionate--loves all people, and is gentle with children. She was born in my house, but raised on a big ranch in Texas with lots of other dogs and various types of livestock. She's lean and muscular! Here's a short video.


In a few weeks since she arrived, her sweet, fun personality has come out and I have come to really love Melek. I would absolutely keep her if I could. She's fine with my terriers, chickens, and even my grouchy attack-cat.  :) 

She's loving it here on my suburban mini-farm, where she has a large yard to patrol, and she appreciates coming in regularly, because it's oppressively hot and humid lately. And she loves being loved on. No housetraining accidents, no destructive behavior, just a gem to have around!

Like all Kangals, she has a big gnarly bark when she senses an intruder (we have coyotes, foxes, and other varmints here), but doesn't bark otherwise. She would be a great dog for a small farm, or for a person or family who wants a real pal that will also make them feel safe. Melek respects fences and gates, is not an escape artist.

Melek is available to a qualified home for an adoption fee of $350 to cover her spay. She will need to be picked up in Raleigh NC. Email me if you're interested and I'll send you a placement questionnaire.


Our goal at Sivas Regal Kangal Dogs is to help preserve the time-honored form and temperament of the genuine Kangal Dog, the ONLY breed so valued by the Turkish people that the government has declared it a National Historic Treasure. Starting in 1994, we went to great lengths to travel to the native region of these dogs, consult with Turkish experts and village breeders, and obtain fine dogs. We are proud to play our part, along with the good people of Turkey, and members of the Kangal Dog Club of America, in preserving this valuable breed for the future.


We tend to view our dogs as wonderful friends and protectors, but we are also mindful of the fact that they represent a vital genetic resource for livestock conservancy. Like other varieties of heritage crops and domesticated animals, indigenous dog breeds represent centuries, even millenia of human selection and natural adaptation, and they still have valuable contributions to make today. The same traits that were priceless to the ancient Turks—courage, intelligence, protectiveness, gentleness with sheep and children—are the traits that many of us treasure today in our companion dogs and livestock guardians.


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​Note: this website is a much leaner reincarnation of the Kangal site that I had maintained for a decade on beautdogs.com.  It was a long time in the making, and had many pages about the history of the breed, the Kangal Symposia that I attended, and the Anatolian debate--now largely moot because the canine world is finally realizing that the Turks were right: their flockguardians are not all one breed! I won't be resurrecting all of that, but many of my original articles are published on the Kangal Club of America web site


I am a member and listed breeder of the Kangal Dog Club of America, and committed to the KDCA Code of Ethics.

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