Hooked on Kangal Dogs since 1994...

My Turkish husband and I lived in Turkey for a couple of years, and it was along the Bosphorus in Istanbul that I met massive, black-masked male dog walking on a chain with his owner beside him, and a pet monkey riding on his back! I learned that this was a Kangal Dog, and a Turkish National Treasure. As soon as I got home I began searching the internet for information about Turkish dogs, and found a whole lot of chatter about them... and widespread interest. The more I learned, the more smitten I became, and eventually we made a journey through the villages of Sivas and neighboring provinces. When we decided to move to the U.S., we took four puppies with us, hand selected from the Kangal district of Sivas. Thus began an adventure into the world of Kangal Dogs!

The royal couple


Pasha and Chilek were our first Kangal Dogs, and they made an indelible impression on all who met them. Pasha was a handsome "heart dog"—one of a kind, and to know him was to love him. He was an ambassador for the breed, attending Turkish festivals, dog walks, and dog shows whereby many people came to know and be impressed by the Kangal Dog breed. Chilek was a wonderful, wise friend, a stellar mom, and in her long retirement—an excellent livestock guardian dog on Banks Mountain Farm.

The next generation


Lule produced such gorgeous puppies with great temperaments, and she was a joy to live with. I miss her every single day.

Today...  meet Banu!

There's just something about them...  regal, dignified, watchful and intelligent, gentle and yet protective.


And in the case of Sivas Regal's Banu—full of mischief!


I've never known a Kangal Dog with such a sense of humor. She's a big girl with a big heart.

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